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The quieter you become, the more you can hear

Yoga Offerings

Community Yoga

Hatha-vinyasa Flow
Boulder Community Center
Mondays 5-6:15pm
All levels * All are welcome
$10 suggested donation

Private individual &
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The Power of Silence —
Open Awareness Meditation



If you listen they will teach you

Plant Medicine & Holistic Health Offerings



  • Night Raven Wild and Organic Herbs
  • Holistic health consultations 
  • Customized retreats for individuals or groups
  • Mentoring and apprenticeships
  • Classes and workshops
  • Nature Awareness Practices
Plants bring us the love, the nourishing power of Sun, which is the same energy of all the stars, of all light. This is the gift, the power of plants
— The Yoga of Herbs

2018 Events and Classes

Medicine at our feet: Embracing plants as allies in health and healing

Boulder Outdoor Survival School
May 20-26, 2018
Boulder, Utah

Join me for five days at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School's Slickrock gathering to connect with plants as allies, teachers, and medicine. Each day will include time with desert, mountain, and garden environments communicating with plants through ceremony, meditation, and offerings. Direct experience of making remedies from plants will include the art and ethics of collecting as well as preparing infusions, decoctions, poultices, tooth powder, salves, and tinctures. Go home with the remedies you prepare as well as foundational knowledge of relating with plants as allies and medicine.


Interconnected with all Beings as our relatives, we offer our service to Life through acts of Love
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The reality that is present to us and in us:
Call it Being…Silence.
And the simple fact that by being attentive,
By learning to listen
(or recovering the natural capacity to listen)
we can find ourself engulfed in such happiness
that it cannot be explained:
the happiness of being at one with everything
in that hidden ground of Love
For which there can be no explanations..
May we all grow in grace and peace,
And not neglect the Silence that is printed
In the center of our being
It will not fail us.
— Thomas Merton
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Constance Lynn has been devoted to holistic health for Self, individuals and Earth for over 30 years. In 1991 she worked on her first organic farm and discovered the gifts of eating from the land and connecting with plants as our relatives, as well as our allies in healing. Currently living in Boulder, Utah, she tends to a large garden and is co-creating a homestead based on Permaculture design principles.

Constance began offering herbal remedies through Night Raven Wild and Organic herbs ten years ago. She hand collects medicinal plants from her garden, mountain and desert and then prepares salves, creams, tinctures and teas to offer the healing gifts of the plants to others.

Certified as a yoga teacher and therapeutic yoga practitioner for 20 years, Constance inspires her students through interconnecting the ancient tradition of yoga with wild nature and soul. She also has extensive experience with organic/whole food nutrition with an influence from an Ayurvedic perspective, and cooking for retreats, co-ops and cafes.

She loves Silence, Solitude and Wild Nature.....

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