Medicine at Our Feet… Herbal Apprenticeship

We have co-evolved with plants as our relatives…and their medicine offers us a direct relationship with Earth as well as the invisible realms where the mystery of healing begins. In this apprenticeship, we will be deepening our relationship with plants, wild nature, ourselves and each other to support our overall health and well-being.

Each session will include time with desert, mountain and garden environments, communicating with plants through ceremony, open awareness meditation, deep listening and offerings. Direct experience of making remedies from plants will include the art and ethics of collecting, drying and storing herbs, as well as, preparing infusions, decoctions, poultices, tooth powder, salves and tinctures.

Students will be encouraged and supported in tending to a personal medicine garden.

At the end of this medicine journey, participants will have:

  • A full herbal apothecary including dried herbs for infusions and decoctions as well as prepared tinctures, salves and powders.

  • A greater awareness of the medicinal and wild edible plants of this region, as well as “invasive” plant medicine

  • Practices for connecting with Self, others and all of life

  • A foundation in holistic health, including Ayurveda and Western herbalism

  • Insight into working with illness, disease and supporting overall well-being

  • An understanding of herbal first-aid applications

  • Basics for herbal dentistry

  • Friends to turn to for support!


Medicine at Our Feet will meet twice a month for four hours each session, from April to October. We will choose the dates and times as a group in March, so participants can schedule around our sessions. Please plan on committing to all the sessions. Reciprocity for the course is $100 a month, due on the first of each month.  A $120 non-refundable deposit is due by March 19th and will cover the last session plus supplies for making remedies. Students are responsible for monthly reciprocity once the dates are set.

Herbal Apprenticeship Application

What is calling you to attend this apprenticeship at this time?

What most interests you about the course description?

What is your current experience or relationship with plants?

Are you able to commit to the full course?

One (day) I will never forget—-a Navajo woman without a day of university botany training in her life—spoke for hours and I hung on every word. One by one, name by name, she told of the plants in her valley. Where each one lived, when it bloomed, who it liked to live near and all its relationships, who ate it, who lined their nests with its fibers, what kind of medicine it offered. She also shared the stories held by those plants, their origin myths, how they got their names, and what they have to tell us. She spoke of beauty.
— From Braiding Sweetgrass