sample past custom retreat:

Re-wilding Weekend

Coming Home to Our True Nature

In her book called Belonging, Toka–pa Turner writes:  “we treat our lives like a project for improvement, attempting to become useful, admired, impervious or savvy. We work at cutting off any unwieldiness that may be preventing us from fitting in.  But as this ‘self-development’ encroaches upon our inner wilderness, our dreams and connection to the holy suffers. As we harness every last resource in service to the unconscious longing to belong we feel less and less at home”.

In this Re-wilding Weekend we will experience practices, (such as nature awareness walks, open awareness meditation, dreamwork, yoga and connecting with medicinal plants), to help us find our way home, to our true Self…in direct relationship with all of Life.

This weekend is designed with an intention to allow you to drop into your heart and connect with your soul. Please prepare to participate whole-heartedly. To facilitate a deepening, this event is alcohol and substance-free.  Once you arrive, please turn off your cell phones and computers for the weekend. Let your family know you are in sacred space and will be in touch with them when you emerge on Sunday.

With wild Earth blessings,

Constance Lynn

Sample Schedule

Thursday theme:

Opening to the Mystery

3pm Arrival and settling in

5pm Meet at the lodge;Opening to the land, ourselves and each other

7-8pm Dinner

8 pm Opening to our personal journey through oracle readings and the night sky

Friday theme:


7:45am Breakfast

9am Departure for Escalante River

9:30am to 3:30 pm Practices on the land to deepen our connection to Self, others and wild nature (includes honoring those who have walked this land before us; council; connecting with plants as our allies in healing).

4-7pm Personal time back at the lodge

7-8pm Dinner

8-9pm Connecting with dreams as our personal oracle…with Raven

Saturday theme:

Authentic wildness engaged with nature

7:45am Breakfast

9am Departure for Upper Calf Creek Falls

9:30am-3:30pm Dropping into our bodies—hiking, swimming, yoga on slickrock

4:30-6:30 Dream tracking with Raven

7-8pm Dinner

8:30pm Sound healing with Erika Songbird

Sunday theme:

Returning Home to Self

8-9am Breakfast

9am-noon Closing practices, walk, council and ceremony

12pm Lunch at lodge or pack a lunch to go